Sonnet to the Telephone

Ringing up has changed, the phone no longer rings.
But redundant telephonist’s can take some solace,
Where once it only rung, it now clangs and sings,
Or vibrates and can even send a very happy face.

No longer do we dial, today we coldly tap to connect.
Don’t slam down a phone, for it has a fearful outcome.
Details, phones in physical contact, now beam and collect,
Tis an unnatural violation of the private space for some.

But if you think today is too scary and well beyond the pall,
Tomorrow will be much worse when technologies intersect.
For now we’ve engineered a way, to embed in the brain, for all,
Microchips with which we will all easily to the internet connect.

Damn you politicians and your bloody NBN for now I’ll forever live in fear
Of a beaming fluro clad techno, bearing a cable, wanting access to my rear.

Dam Honesty

The rivers debris in soggy darkened torrent

Bobbing within an inelegant flooding rush,

Following tide and quickest rushing current.

Eddied clumps rest now in peaceful crush.


Raging to the browning ocean, to float away.

Water sodden to sink below waves and swell,

Perils for wood or glass, while at anchor sway

In varied depths way down to Neptune’s cell.


Outback flotsam upon the sandy beach

Twisted tidal piles more than ankle deep.

As Boake’s lonely limbs in whitely bleach

Arms and legs lay rigid in raptures heat.


Storms come and floods flow. Yet outcomes seen best assured,

As ghastly ghostly shapes recall to mind life’s one end reward.

Impressions in an Ocean

Outbound the peaceful ocean beckoned,

Framed by enticing friendly lighter hues,

‘Neath still surface a strong swell surged,

Belying truths found in darker naval blues.


In the depths flash silver, gold and wealth.

A naked power; vibrant, swirling, complex,

Seducing the soul with a gentle toxic stealth;

In quiet reflect, finding an odd mysterious vex.


Cloudless distant skies and oceans merge in night,

An horizon; a vast array of timeless blinking marks.

The full moon rising breaks this silent bleak delight,

Luring enthralled eyes, from faraway lonely sparks.


Mid colours of blue and black; o’ natures endless saviour cursed,

Ends an unknown, for in deeper fathom is greater facet sourced.


Sonnet to Michael


In families’ lore, love finds the way it grew

Throughout the passages worn with rut

Down into nooks, crannies and crevices too,

Spreading affection and bonds none rebut.


Oft it changes an unknown word or line

But it’s meaning, it’s words of pun or fun

Seldom do detract or add a minus sign

Additions tend add an allure like none.


Rarely new traditions are remote creations.

Midst tangled siblings, parents and grand,

Rattish behaviours will cause generations,

To know, share and kindly to understand.


Our world is to smile, to laugh, fun to share and to deeply think.

Past and future youth and age seek growth with a common wink.

The Destiny of Ages


The ancient man god Thoth, legend maintains,

Understood the secret universe more than most.

Though lacking proof, it’s held his book contains,

More mystery than the mere Greek’s Corpus post.


Christ’s sermon’s good, tho’ now not quite on song,

Corrupted by Constantine’s oddly assorted team;

Sin disguised, dysfunction, domination and wrong.

Rules re-writ by a sinful, lately celibate Augustine.


New age, seeking scope, appraising all unusual,

Rejected cloistered limits of Aquinas in our past,

Sensing the Baboon’s magic could be universal,

As writ in Tarot, Freud and others of mystical cast.


Searching the heavens at night, is common across all ages,

A common arrival is the universal conclusion of only sages.