Louisa’s Laughter

Woman’s eyes light as manliness goes by.
Invites an invitation, oft by look shyly given,
Ignored by higher intent, not missed by eye
With manly focus, a normal too narrow vision.

In worlds of two, where the future beckons four,
New choice no option, past option an only choice.
Others needs alone, dictate the need for no more,
True to choice, sanity condones no meddling voice.

Pleasures abound, in example an encouragement,
Mean pleasures forgone, do carry no sad regretting.
Lasting satisfy is found in heavenly achievement,
Belies base instant gratifying fleeting begetting.

When men need retire from earth’s allure, from love or wanton women rude,
Into a man’s world, where women seldom figure, women do only intrude.

Sonnet to a Late Love.

Within the hearts of loves too young

Lay the fateful seeds of life’s journey.

Unknown to those who’ve yet begun,

Travels o’er fair land and restless sea.


Option at odds with a common script,

Unsettles souls opting a uniform fare.

Above roads twisting to a lonely crypt,

Soar flights of those who care to dare.


Loves only met with feelings grand,

Sins are sorely paid in rued regrets.

Loves finest in hues of golden sand,

Sins with doubt in grey tangled webs.


Those who fearlessly tread the lonely and unbroken ground,

Reap unknown rewards with their uncommon loves unbound.

Sonnet to Jan’s Love


Faded beauty often carries a load of bawdy mirth,

Youth in prime, misjudges, so sure to know it all,

Years between disappear in laboured love re-birth

Finding in common, new desire, always will enthral.


Love is nothing without the thrill of novelty,

Newness ever fades, urgency ever remains.

Experiment oft ends a state of uncertainty,

As deeper knowledge evokes widest gains.


Loves wild, loves exotic to those all daring,

Loves fun, loves difference, few understand.

In perfect byways loves silent, loves blaring,

Regardless, loves elegant and always grand.


When the fun is lost or the tides of love no longer flood,

Deeper truths are oft shared in an anger of rushing blood.


A Sonnet to Deborah

Sailing across a salty ocean wide,
Upon naval course sure plotted,
A master confident in his pride,
A solo track not ever distracted.

Navigation over a fathomless sea,
Course stronger than a tide below,
Cross currents swirling in mystery,
Swells in reverse directions flow.

Till upon a mystical hidden reef,
Sure vessel caught fast abeam.
Unseen in a sad treasure of grief,
In gentle allure of a silken dream.

Lifeless rollers crest upon a churning restless surface.
Waves surge and flow into a gentle shore’s embrace.

A Sonnet To Eros

Presence sensed, in a comfort disturbed.
A haunting spectre floated sensually by.
God please rest near my expectant head,
Yet dreading scorn, daring not lift an eye

A Goddess majestically in style immortal,
Surveyed her domain with an eye serene.
A tiny smile bedazzling a smitten mortal.
A heart pounding, roaring blood unseen.

Wait! sense pleaded, while senses screamed.
A voice divine, in awe, the dreadlock broken.
Don’t answer impetuous or be unrestrained,
For infatuation is ne’er a mere simple token.

To hearts bold in courage, ever ensures the greatest noble encapture.
To hearts sensitive, in care and intellect, a greater reward; enrapture.

A Sonnet To Heavenly Choices.

The heavens sent soft and gentle angels,
In forms and shapes all to lovingly greet,
Bedecked with ruby and emerald jewels,
Loving sent to connect in mind and physic.

Then one clad in down with godly power,
With heavenly shape and sense exquisite,
Heart divine with gold and diamond cover
To join in a union unexpected and unique.

The angel’s sweetness in doubt passed,
Replaced by a devotion unknown to me.
An anguish known to the heart usurped.
Freed angels trumpet enslaving to thee.

Unexpected choices thrust in curs’d womanly fashion,
Leaves a decision in devotion only one obvious option!

A Sonnet To A Part Requited Love

Tis in my mind the future’s clear spread
Tis not the province of mere psychic.
Your gentle response, clearly not misread,
My heart in your hand, all lost so quick

Two soft hands gripped mine in gentle measure,
Two soft eyes would not in gentle pity smother.
Two soft hearts in silent accept and pleasure,
Knew one’s hands held the heart of the other.

It matters not whether I, in time, hold yours,
For the gift of mine to you is my simple joy.
A gift unconditional, as my pleasure soars,
And I’m thankful I’m not, to you, a mere toy.

Entwined hearts etched upon warm tree trunk or upon cold stone,
Imply a mutual giving and receiving but ne’er the joy in one alone.

A Sonnet To Time

Dreaming, barefoot she danced across a cold tile,
In a haze of passion throes, ever yet again unmet,
In bed she grew. She passed from simple nubile,
To woman aglow; yet with no simple grace reset.

The Goddess at an age of caring worn in time,
Where every emerging tiny crevice or crease,
Speak of an ageless package in loving divine,
Whence subtle move and grace ever increase.

Outranking the plain bouncing barefoot youth,
Goddess with feet shod in simple plastic thongs,
Seems float above, with air of grace held aloof,
The cold contact where never her foot belongs.

Style and grace worn with earned respect though quiet passion,
Outweigh youth in haste and steamy lustful or inelegant action.

A Sonnet To Electronic Devices

Your photos a background on my phone,
My screen saver carries your image too.
Oft instead of staring into distance alone,
Mine eyes divert to the charm that is you.

The suns warmth palls into oblivion,
Compare heat screens image radiate.
My stoney heart melts in distraction,
Yet ne’er ever to fully utterly satiate.

Content’s found in physical plane,
Upon the air or upon solid ground,
Whenever met in mind or flesh again,
In touch and hold we’re fully bound.

Instability in sleep and eating is remorseless in absence,
But ignored in our meeting, must lead to ecstasy intense.