Bertrand Russell said ‘All philosophy comes from the community, it is not the preserve of learned men.’

He also held Philosophy bridges the gap between the dogma of belief and the facts of science and that it provides a frame work in which to live with uncertainty without being paralysed by hesitation.Jacques Barzun believed all philosophy came from emotion.

I believe poetry is the medium for the community voice and hence the community expression of emotion and philosophy.

I think the community voice has been stifled in the now scant discussion of philosophy.

I think today Australian communities are paralysed by fear as well as hesitation.

I think our academics, media and elites dominate all forums and most are insulated from the wider community by their membership of university trained communities and our world is much poorer for this clinical and trained approach to life. Professionals are trained to be dispassionate and to avoid emotion in their fields and communications.

I think these elitists believe they are, to coin a well known Australian Prime Minister, suppositories of all knowledge, when in fact most are limited to and by the fields of knowledge they study and by the communication they practise.I believe no one holds all the truth and that everyone holds some truth.

Our Australian community in 230 years has produced no Angelous, Austens, Dickinsons, Eliots, Flauberts, Frosts, Leskovs, Poes, or Shakespeares. Our two Lawsons came closest.

Yet not one of these incredible people completed matriculation.

I wonder why we in Australia have failed in this regard.

I believe socialism as a scourge and temporary aberration on the great western traditions. The late 20th and early 21st centuries have seen an invidious creeping socialism. The educated elites, media and publishing have usurped liberal democratic traditions, redefined and presented them as a corrupted ‘new way’ by these remnants of the failed socialist movement.

This has led to many of the breakdowns within western society as philosophy is attempted to be imposed by the elites who talk to each other, about each other and issues they value, in languages and voices only they understand. Few are radical thinkers and many are the antonym of radical.



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