Sonnet to Michael


In families’ lore, love finds the way it grew

Throughout the passages worn with rut

Down into nooks, crannies and crevices too,

Spreading affection and bonds none rebut.


Oft it changes an unknown word or line

But it’s meaning, it’s words of pun or fun

Seldom do detract or add a minus sign

Additions tend add an allure like none.


Rarely new traditions are remote creations.

Midst tangled siblings, parents and grand,

Rattish behaviours will cause generations,

To know, share and kindly to understand.


Our world is to smile, to laugh, fun to share and to deeply think.

Past and future youth and age seek growth with a common wink.

2 thoughts on “Sonnet to Michael

  1. Elaine J Craig says:

    This is a truly dreadful “sonnet”. Why do you bother? I wrote much better poetry than this at high school. By the way, the possessive adjective “its” does not have an apostrophe, as you seem to think throughout your writing. The form “it’s” is a contraction of “it is”. But I shouldn’t have to be telling a “poet” that, should I?

    • kennellykeith says:

      hi Elaine

      ‘as you seem to think throughout your writing’

      So you found my writing so interesting, but technically in error in part, that you read all or a substantial part of what I posted?

      I’m happy I am read. Thanks

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